Linux System Engineer

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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UP TO 4000 BAM

My dearest Linux Lover,


Do you treat infrastructure as code?

Do you have solid systems experience?

Do you have a strong grasp of automation tools?

Do you possess data management skills?

Do you have strong command-line fu?

Do you love infrastructure design?

Do you have cloud experience?

If you say I DO to all these questions, it’s precisely why I have waited for you all these years. Do you want to marry ME? :)

Like in every good marriage, everyone has responsibilities, and yours would be to build out capabilities for our infrastructure focusing on IT Orchestration, scaling, and monitoring, also combined with more classical system administration tasks, like building our lovely home.

You will utilize a wide variety of open source technologies and tools in diverse environments where automation of critical infrastructure is fundamental to operations - It’s just like planning to expand our family.

Take your role as a technical, engineering and operational expert working closely together with neighboring technical teams to plan and implement automation and orchestration solutions with focus on scalability and maintainability - and organizing party for our metal heads.

Other tasks include monitoring (metrics/reporting), maintenance, optimizations, tuning and performance testing and I promise I won’t be jealous.


Desperately Seeking Linux 

In case you don’t want a marriage but still want to join the NSoft team, we can offer you a rewarding opportunity to work with the best regional IT talents on cutting-edge tech with a permanent contract. Also, professional growth and continuous education, various team building activities and caffee and leisure activities on company premises are a given. 

You’ll fit in just fine because our employees are of all profiles and dimensions – at NSoft we don’t mind if you’re different.

We’re glad you like Mostar and hopefully you tolerate heat well – after all, we spend our weekends at the seaside or on Neretva river banks.

Send us more information about yourself at so we can know on which bank account to release the paycheck up to 4000 BAM high.

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