Senior Android Developer

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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First of all, people say you're a genius at what you do! This is precisely why we waited for you all these years. We’re celebrating NSoft’s eighth anniversary in a few days and we would like to use the opportunity for introducing you to all our employees. We’ve already announced your arrival. Everyone’s thrilled, even Krišto.

You’ll fit in easily because our employees are of all profiles and dimensions - we don’t mind if you’re different. We choose sides only when it comes to Pokemons - either you chase them or you don’t. If you want to join the hunt, just take a look at our development and you’ll see the Pokemon crew bypassing the tables in zigzag maneuvers and Janica Kostelić’s style, holding smartphones - they definitely want to be the best Pokemon trainers. If you're one of those surprised by the fact that someone could spend hours catching virtual monsters using their smartphones, you’re free to visit our cafe and say the magic sentence: “Oh these Pokemons, we used to chase girls/boys back in my time”, and you will definitely find a new crew who will invite you to sit with them so you could discuss major world issues like this one.

When you meet cheerful staff in SPARK cafe, soon it will become your favorite place for a drink with Skočo, a break, fresh orange juice or PES match.

Our Android team is currently small and young, and we need your help to grow and develop it. You'll be part of our "core team" for the development of our games and software solutions on the Android platform, which will be among our most important products in the future. The job is dynamic and challenging, as you will be working constantly on new things and using new technologies to develop interesting applications.

There’re rumors that you’ve programmed for Android since the days of Eclipse and that your knowledge of Android is extraordinary. The story goes that you’re great in Gradle and Git and that you’re a master of fragmentation. Your UI can handle all widths and lengths. We know you've tried all the libraries, but yours are just better :) In the end, your years of experience left no one indifferent, and we’re no exception.

We’re glad you like Mostar and hopefully, you’re well tolerated to heat - after all, our weekends are spent by the sea or Neretva river.

Send us more information about yourself at or apply via form so we can know on which bank account to release the paycheck up to 4.000 KM high.


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