Senior Backend Developer

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

This job is hidden from public view (Internal use). Only people with the direct job's link can apply.

Want to be a part of the IoT world and discover new technologies and possibilities? Want to follow world trends and keep up with the times? Open API makes you happy, and algorithms for recognition and face detection sound tempting?

Then, the position of Senior Backend Developer in our team is excellent for you. As you'll be working on the application development and implementation of new cool features and technologies, your role in the team will grow bigger every day.

Some of the requirements that are necessary for this job position and that we hope you have are:

  • Experience with JSON, XML and REST APIs;
  • Experience with SQL and NoSQL technologies;
  • Experience with operating system administration and environment setup/maintenance;
  • Experience developing solutions leveraging both Linux and Windows systems;
  • Ability to create an API internal or external use;
  • Extensive experience with multiple scripting languages and willingness to learn more (NodeJS, Go);
  • Strong backend background;
  • Strong understanding of versioning tools;
  • Experience in designing relation databases and SQL creation;
  • Knowledge of object-oriented paradigm;
  • Fast learning and working without the need for monitoring.

If you have some of the additional things described below, we will be more than thrilled:

  • Great problem-solving skills;
  • Good relationship with co-workers;
  • Team spirit,
  • Understanding and doing tasks on time.

We are offering you a chance to work in a great environment with awesome people, a lot of exciting projects, and an opportunity to develop many great skills, improve and learn. Of course, there will be a lot of parties and fun! Join us, apply right away! :)

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