System Developer

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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We are looking for a system developer who’s interested in development and management of both hardware and software systems, as well as diagnosing and resolving system faults. Among other things, this role also includes researching of “How it works?” and “How to improve the way it works?”. Sounds tempting?

The System Developer will be responsible for:

  • developing and managing the display on multi-monitor systems (monitor and touch screen)
  • managing and programming machines/devices with the capacity to accept coins and banknotes (coin, bill acceptors)
  • programming and managing printers
  • automation of predefined actions
  • developing in Python programming language

Our ideal candidate has excellent knowledge of and three years of experience with:

  • Linux primarily
  • Python programming language (oop paradigm, CherryPy, twisted, subprocess and other modules)
  • source control systems (git, subversion)

Also, he/she should have knowledge of:

  • architecture and implementation of the HA (High Availability) system
  • bash scripting
  • build and continuous systems

Experience or knowledge in one of the following items will be considered as an extra bonus:

  • multi monitor setups and X server configuration
  • configuration and calibration of touch screen devices
  • configuration management tools (SaltStack)
  • Kickstarts (Anaconda)
  • SSDP protocol

These are some of the desirable skills:

  • patience
  • meticulous attention to details
  • logical mind
  • good analytical skills
  • organisational skills
  • problem-solving skills

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